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Achillobursitis or Achillodynia is a disease that is accompanied by the development of an inflammatory process in the synovial sac at the site of attachment of the corresponding tendon to the calcaneus. Pathology limits the patient's daily activities due to severe pain.

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Depending on the stage of development of the disease, its form, based on the results of diagnostic studies, the optimal methods of exposure are selected, including: The problem develops gradually. Timely initiation of therapy ensures the stabilization of the patient's condition. Ignoring the primary symptoms of the disease is fraught with long-term disability. Heel bursitis is a problem that progresses against the background of a mechanical or infectious lesion of Loratadine ligament. Due to a local tear or penetration into the bag of the pathogen, inflammation occurs.

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Due to the compression of the foot from behind, friction increases in the area of ​​the described ligament. The result is heel bursitis. mechanical injury. Sprains, ruptures of Claritin in this area lead to a violation of the integrity of the corresponding bag. Heel bursitis in this case is a secondary disease. Excessive physical activity. This factor is typical for athletes. Achilles bursitis of the calcaneus develops due to chronic overstrain of the tendon with the formation of small tears of collagen fibers. Infections and systemic diseases of the connective tissue. Due to degeneration of the ligaments, supra- or subcalcaneal bursitis occurs.

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Regardless of the cause of the pathology, treatment is aimed at minimizing clinical signs and restoring the normal structure of the ligaments. Calcaneal bursitis is a pathology that is classified depending on the mechanism of Claritin. Allocate: Primary Achilles bursitis. The disease progresses as an independent problem against the background of the relative health of the patient. Secondary bursitis on the heel. In this case, the problem is a consequence of the underlying pathology (trauma, surgery).

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Claritin wearing of uncomfortable shoes. Depending on the nature of the process, subcalcaneal bursitis is acute, subacute and chronic. The increase in clinical symptoms occurs most rapidly in the first case. If a specific bacterial pathogen (pale treponema, gonococcus) takes part in the process of occurrence of Achilles bursitis, then the disease is classified as specific.

Hemorrhagic heel bursitis (blood is present in the synovial space). Serous (aseptic fluid). fibrinous. Depending on the form and type of calcaneal bursitis, the severity of symptoms differs. The clinical picture of the described disease has features in different periods of pathology development. In the early stages, the patient may not pay attention to discomfort in the heel bone area. However, progressive damage to the tendon worsens a person's well-being.

Manifestations of calcaneal bursitis give the patient a lot of discomfort. In severe cases, a person becomes disabled. Pain in the area of ​​​​attachment of the ligament to the calcaneus. Redness of the affected area. Edema and deformity of the calcaneus. The patient cannot put on shoes or load the leg. Thickening of the tendon.

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At the site of attachment of the tendon to the calcaneus, the amount of synovial fluid increases, which exerts additional mechanical pressure on neighboring structures. Common causes of Achilles bursitis: Depending on the nature of the contents synthesized in the bag with calcaneal bursitis, the disease is divided into the following types: A feature of the symptoms of heel bursitis is their increase at the slightest load. Even a simple trip to the toilet gives the patient a lot of trouble. Which doctor treats heel bursitis?

Depending on the severity of the symptoms of subcalcaneal bursitis, doctors of different specialties can treat the pathology. In the initial stages, when the disease is limited to discomfort after physical exertion, the family doctor or local therapist is engaged in recovery. The appointment of painkillers with the provision of the affected limb of rest guarantees an improvement in the well-being of a person. In more severe forms of the disease, the help of an orthopedist, surgeon, orand a rheumatologist. In each case, the selection of a therapeutic program is carried out individually. Diagnosis of the corresponding pathology involves the use of a set of techniques and procedures.

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In some cases, to clarify the diagnosis, it may be necessary to puncture the bag to determine the nature of the fluid inside. Treatment of heel bursitis is aimed at stabilizing joint function while minimizing symptoms. To improve the condition of Loratadine fibers, the patient needs rest. It is necessary to reduce any physical activity. It is useless to treat Achilles tendon bursitis without taking into account this circumstance. The medical approach to the improvement of the patient in this case involves the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

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To verify the cause of the symptoms, apply: Inspection of the affected area. Palpation of the area of ​​attachment of the tendon to the calcaneus. X-ray to rule out fractures. Laboratory studies (general and biochemical blood tests). Ultrasound of the corresponding joint. Medicines are used both internally and externally for a complex effect on the affected area. Recovery treatment.

All of these techniques are aimed at stabilizing microcirculation in the affected area with the acceleration of regeneration processes. In parallel, we must not forget about tight bandages to minimize the mobility of the damaged structure. Treatment of Achilles bursitis with folk remedies is effective only in the early stages of the disease. With severe damage to the ligament, no decoctions and infusions will help.

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